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February 25, 2011

Web Based Time Clock Software

Did you know that Online Time Clock MTS can be used with no limitations on any computer with an internet connection and a web browser completely free of charge for 30 days? That's right, you can trial our web-based time clock system on the computers within your company, whether they be in the same city or spread across the country. Your data will be stored with the same care and security as that of our paying customers and if you decide to purchase a subscription to Online Time Clock MTS you can keep using your data without interruption.

While you're using Online Time Clock MTS during the free 30 day trial period you'll be given access to the same features that our paying customers are. These include multiple security level user accounts, sick and vacation time accruals, an employee messaging and alert system, comprehensive reports in various formats, and detailed employee tracking. Remember because Online Time Clock MTS is a completely web-based time clock system that you don't need to worry about installing software, worry about your data security or backups, or upgrading the system as it is improved and enhanced.

Sound interesting? Head over and sign up for a free trial account. It takes less than a minute to set one up and you can be tracking your employee time and attendance data within 5 short minutes!

Posted by markn at 1:04 PM

How to Send a Message to All Online Time Clock MTS Employees

It's very simple for the Online Time Clock MTS Account Administrator to send a message to all employees that are using the the system. This blog entry takes you through the process.

Online Time Clock MTS Messaging Screenshot
Manage Messages - Click to Enlarge

1. Log in as the Account Administrator and go to the Manage Data->Manage Messages screen. You can see this screen above.

Online Time Clock MTS Messaging Screenshot
The Add New Message Screen - Click to Enlarge

2. Click the New Message Link and you'll be shown the Add New Message screen (seen above).

3. Enter the message details you require, making sure to enter a meaningful message title and to check the Activated check box.

Online Time Clock MTS Messaging Screenshot
The Add New Message Screen - Click to Enlarge

4. Set the Message Type to Fixed and the Target a Location dropdown to ALL LOCATIONS. The Add New Message screen should now look something like the image above.

5. Click the Save button to save the new message.

Online Time Clock MTS Messaging Screenshot
The Employee Time Clock Screen - Click to Enlarge

6. Click the Time Clock dropdown menu on the Online Time Clock MTS toolbar to go to the online employee time clock screen and you'll see the new message on the bottom right (see the image above).

As you can see it's a fairly simple process to send a message to all Online Time Clock MTS employees. You can easily vary the target of a message to send messages to all employees at a single Location, from a single Department, or even at a single employee. If you want more information try taking a look at the Manage Messages Help Topic.

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February 18, 2011

New Online Time Clock MTS Release Today

I've released a new version of Online Time Clock MTS today. The major inclusion in this version is the addition of messages. Messages can be configured by the account administrator or location administrators and be targeted at all employees, all employees in a location, all employees in a department, or just targeted at a single employee. Messages targeted at a location or all locations are shown in a message list at the bottom right of the Time Clock Screen. Messages targeted at a department or an employee are shown when targeted employees clock in via a pop-up window.

Administrators can require that event messages (which are shown via pop-up window when employees clock in or out) be accepted as read. This acceptance is recorded and administrators can view who hasn't viewed a message and accepted it via the new Message Acceptance Report (which can be found on the Reporting Screen).

There's also been a number of other tweaks and fixes in the system. These include

  • Automatic selection of row items when you edit an item on any of the manage data screens.
  • A bug fix for employees created by location administrators.
  • A few new graphical elements.
  • Some general speed improvements especially on the Manage Employees screen.
  • Fixed some windows positioning issues on the manage locations screen.
  • Fixed an issue with editing a location or department and not having a location or department name set.
  • Fixed a problem where the employee department wasn't displaying correctly the first time an employee was loaded on the Manage Employees screen.

Posted by markn at 3:25 PM

Online Time Clock MTS Downtime 6:00pm PST 17 February 2011

Online Time Clock MTS will be down for upgrades from 6:00PM PST today for a period of 2-3 hours. We're installing a new messaging feature that will allow you to communicate with your employees more easily via the employee time clock screen of the system. We appreciate your patience during this period.

Posted by markn at 7:09 AM

February 16, 2011

Small Fix to Popup Calendars Posted

We've just posted up a new version of the pop-up calendar that can be seen on the Report Configuration Screen and the Manage Employee Screen. There was a bug which meant users had to select the month of February twice from the month dropdown to be able to select a date in February. To see this fix you may need to do a hard refresh the pages containing the pop-up calendar to stop your browser loading old files from the cache. In most browsers this is done by holding down the SHIFT key on your keyboard while clicking the page reload icon in your browser.

Posted by markn at 8:43 AM