Online Time Clock MTS Quick Tour - Administrator Controls

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One of the most common administrative tasks for any time clock system is the need to adjust employee times for forgotten clocks or entering leave data. To help you through this process Online Time Clock MTS contains a simple to use yet powerful employee time editor. This editor allows you to add, edit, or delete any employee time and includes a comprehensive set of rules to prevent you from creating invalid employee time information.

The Edit Times Screen

An important aspect of Online Time Clock MTS is the flexible employee sick time and vacation accrual system. This allows you to setup as many accrual schemes as you like to suit your requirements. These could be yearly accruals, hours based on years of service, or accruals per hour, week, or month worked. The employee time editor allows you to quickly record sick and vacation time for your employees as well as optionally including explanatory notes if required.

The Edit Times Screen
The Edit Employee Information Screen

Online Time Clock MTS uses a common method to maintain your time clock system data (such as employees, locations, logins, and employment types). They are all easily accessible from dashboard icons or drop down menus. Also, several shortcuts are available for rapid setup of Online Time Clock MTS. For example, you could create a template employee with the correct wages and other settings and then quickly copy this employee to build up your employee database in just a few minutes. As you'd expect, the administrator can adjust various other settings allowing you to configure Online Time Clock MTS to suit your needs. Options of this nature include the fiscal year dates, your work week, the way the time clock screen works, report display settings, and basic overtime data.