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A key requirement for any online time clock system is the ability to configure it to record and calculate overtime accurately and using a calculation method that suits your requirements. In accordance, Online Time Clock MTS allows almost any company to comply with their local overtime requirements and it will largely eliminate the on-going concern of overtime calculation errors.

Currently the Online Time Clock MTS overtime system includes allowances for the following:

  • Two Tiered Daily Overtime.
  • Weekly Overtime.
  • Two allocatable overtime rates.
  • Seventh Day Overtime.
  • Vacation, sick time and PTO are automatically neglected from all overtime calculations.

The Overtime Settings Screen Employee Payroll Information

California overtime rules are fully covered in Online Time Clock MTS. The two tiered daily overtime system allows you to setup overtime for 8-12 hours and 12+ hours worked in a day. If your employee works 7 days in a week then turning on the 'seventh day overtime' setting will allow Online Time Clock MTS to calculate your employees wages at time and a half for the first 8 hours on the seventh day and double time after this. None of this complexity is anything you need to worry about, Online Time Clock MTS will do the calculations for you in just seconds when you generate your completely up to date payroll reports. You'll help to put an end to over-payments, complex calculations, and angry underpaid employees.