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It's all well and good recording your employee attendance data with an online time clock system, but it's useless if you cannot report on it. Online Time Clock MTS contains a fast and flexible reporting system that will use your up to date attendance data, the generated reports are useful for many different purposes. Obviously some are ideal for supplying to your payroll department, others are great for department managers wanting to keep and eye on their costs, and yet others can be supplied to employees for informational purposes. Most reports can be run based on location, department, and across any date period. It's worth noting that Online Time Clock MTS can optionally round your report times if your payroll policies require this. It can also display times in 24hr or 12 hour formats as well as formatting times as either hours and minutes (1hr and 30 minutes) or decimal hours (1.5 hrs).

Every report in Online Time Clock MTS is viewed online via your web browser. The system will store your last 20 reports online so that you can go back and refer to them at a later date if you require. Additionally each report can be viewed as HTML or PDF (useful for emailing to others) and can be exported directly to a CSV file. The CSV file can then be imported into Microsoft Excel, your payroll software system, or some other database system.

The Report Configuration Screen The Report Settings Screen
The Simple Time Report The Detailed Punchcard Report

Here's a list of some of the reports that can be found in Online Time Clock MTS:

  • The Time IP Report
  • The Simple Wages Report
  • The Simple Time Report
  • The Time Classification Report
  • The Punchcard Report
  • The Missing Punches Report
  • The Detailed Punchcard Report
  • The Badge Number Report
  • The Attendance Report