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September 10, 2014

Various Fixes Rolled Out

We've just rolled out some fixes addressing some very specific issues that have been noticed by a few users.

Inactive Chrome Tab Timing Issue

If you are using Google Chrome then that can cause some timing issues with the periodic update routines used by Online Time Clock MTS when it is in an inactive tab. The clock could drift by a few seconds every two minutes or so. This issue has now been addressed by automatic sensing of inactive tabs and adjusting server update speeds to account for it.

Extremely Slow Internet Connections Causing Startup Problems

If you have a slow internet connection, not just in terms of raw download speeds but the response speeds between our server and your computer then some startup issues could happen in the first few seconds after the time clock screen was loaded. We've only seen this on one computer that was taking upwards of 20 seconds to load the time clock screen. Fixes have been put in place to prevent this.

Form Rendering Issues with Google Chrome

An update to Google Chrome late last week caused some issues with the rendering of form fields. This caused a display issue with the Manage Logins screen and the IP address entry screen for login access control. This issue has been resolved.

Thanks to the kind Online Time Clock users who notified us of these issues and helped us resolve them and test the fixes. You guys are great!!

Posted by markn at 6:26 PM