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January 18, 2011

Payroll Summary and Employee Summary Rounding Issues Fixed

I've been working hard with an Online Time Clock MTS user over the last week to try to get to the bottom of some strange rounding issues that cropped up in the employee summary and payroll summary sections of various reports. These resulted in the hours worked, normal hours works and overtime hours being 0.01 of an hour out occasionally. Thanks to the kind co-operation of the company mentioned above I've managed to get to the bottom of the problems and have uploaded a fix today. As always if you notice anything odd please contact us and give us the details of your problem.

Posted by markn at 12:45 PM

January 15, 2011

New Free Accounts for 3 Or Fewer Employees No Longer Available

Effective as of 15 January 2011 we will no no longer be offering new free accounts for Online Time Clock MTS users with one location and three or fewer employees. Anyone with an existing free account or those who registered in the 30 days prior to 15 January 2011 will still be eligible for a free account. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Posted by markn at 1:17 PM

January 7, 2011

Secure HTTPS/SSL Connections Enabled for Online Time Clock MTS

Overnight we configured the new Online Time Clock MTS servers to serve up account related pages via secure HTTPS/SSL connections with 256 bit encryption. This means that your data is encrypted using a very strong and difficult to crack algorithm as well as being routed from your computers to ours via similarly certified computers using the same encryption systems. The practical upshot of this is that your data is almost impossible to intercept and then decode in the unlikely event that someone did capture some of it. As a final measure of security our HTTPS/SSL connection is authenticated by Comodo so you can be sure when you're connected to the Online Time Clock MTS website that you're actually sending your payroll and employee attendance information to us rather than a third party.

Posted by markn at 6:07 PM

Online Time Clock MTS Data Security Page Posted

With the implementation of secure https connections for all account related pages of Online Time Clock MTS thought it was worth posting up an article about the measure we take to secure and protect your data. Obviously when dealing with employees personal detalis and wage and payroll information privacy is of paramount importance, as is your peace of mind that when you're sending your online time clock data that you're actually sending it to us. If you're interested in some of the technical details of how we do secure your data please head on over to the Online Time Clock MTS Data Security article and have a read.

Posted by markn at 6:02 PM

January 2, 2011

Online Time Clock MTS Server Status Update

I posted a few days back about the slow response times of the Online Time Clock MTS servers in the week after the Christmas 2010 weekend. We'd changed the servers from a shared group of machines to some dedicated computers to provide you with a better level of service (I wrote about the changeover here). Sadly this wasn't to be the case and we've all worked long hours this week trying to work out why. Late Thursday night we think we managed to find a problem with the web server configuration which would have explained the sorts of very long delays some users were experiencing during their work days. We made a change to the servers and the Online Time Clock MTS system performed flawlessly on Friday. However, being New Years Eve the load was a bit less than normal because of people taking a long weekend so we're waiting till next week to see if the solution is a permanent one.

In the mean time we'd like to thank you all for you patience during this time and would like to pass on our special thanks to those of you who have worked with us to iron out these problems. I'm confident that this new server setup is a much, much better system that we had before and once we can get the kinks ironed out will deliver a much better level of service to you.

Posted by markn at 8:03 AM