Online Time Clock MTS Feature List

We've taken what we learned from more than 8000 companies who use our desktop time clock software and developed Online Time Clock MTS into a system that will deliver real benefits to your company when you use it to track your employee time and attendance data. And better still, we listen to our users and add useful features all the time.

Online Time Clock MTS can be used free of charge for 30 days. Signing up for a trial account takes just a few seconds!

Employee Data Entry Method

  • Simple to use list of employees, just select a name from the list and click the clock in or out button.
  • Optional employee PIN number to prevent employees clocking in or out for one another.
  • Optional employee note on clock in or out or both.
  • Administrators can create messages to be shown to employees in the Time Clock message area or shown to employees via a pop-up window when they clock in or out.
  • Allow employees to access their own mobile time clock for use on their smart phones, tablets, or cell phones.

Payroll and Overtime

  • Normal pay rate and two overtime pay rates for each employee.
  • Two tiers of daily overtime and configurable overtime limits.
  • Weekly overtime with a configurable limit.
  • Pay daily overtime, weekly overtime, or a combination of both.
  • Assign employees to a department for simple departmental wage reporting.
  • Flexible vacation accruals, vacation recording, and vacation reporting.
  • Flexible sick time accruals, sick time recording, and sick time reporting.
  • Record and report on paid time off.
  • Automatic break deductions.


  • Multiple security levels, including account administrator, location administrator, reports user and time clock user. All password protected.
  • Can optionally require the use of employee PINs to reduce time clock fraud and buddy punching.
  • Allow time clock users to login quickly and easily via a secure one click login link.
  • Location administrators can only edit employees and times from their own location, all other locations are inaccessible.
  • Times for clocking in and out are 100% independent of your local PC times, all times 100% determined from our web servers and your time zone.
  • Record the GPS location of employees when they punch in or out to be sure of where they are when using the time clock.
  • Restrict where employees can punch in and out from using geographic fences. Draw shapes on a map and Online Time Clock MTS will stop employees from punching in or out from outside those regions.
  • Restrict the access of timeclock logins by computer IP address to prevent employees clocking in or out from home or from some other unauthorized location.
  • The computer IP address is recorded with each employee time logged so that logins from unauthorized computers can easily be detected.
  • Log events against time punches. See what computers and logins are being used to create, edit, and deleted time punches.
  • All data is stored on our servers, there's no local database that can be accessed or manipulated fraudulently.


  • Punchcard report shows clock in / out pairs along with their times and the hours elapsed.
  • The detailed punchcard report shows all the details of clock in and outs.
  • The simple time report totals the worked time over a time period and splits it into types like normal hours, daily overtime, and weekly overtime for one or a group of employees.
  • The simple wages report totals the wages over a time period and splits it into types like normal hours, daily overtime, and weekly overtime for one or a group of employees.
  • The badge number report lists off all location employees, their badge numbers and their PINs and is useful for reference purposes.
  • The attendance report shows who is currently in and out, basically an electronic in/out board.
  • The missing punches report shows at a glance who has clocked in without clocking out.
  • The time IP report shows the computer IP address that each employee time was recorded from so you can see at a glance who has been clocking in or out from an unauthorized location.
  • The time classification report gives an easy to understand table that breaks employee time down into normal time, sick time, vacation time and PTO.
  • The Active Job Report gives a list of all active jobs for a particular location.
  • The Job Time Report breaks down the time spent by each employee on a job across a reporting period.
  • The Job Punchcard Report lists all clock in and out events for an employee across a reporting period along with the jobs the employees booked the time to.
  • The Time Off Report details all time taken off by employees during the reporting period and summarized the current state of employee accruals.
  • The Average Hours Worked Per Week report totals time worked across the reporting period and calculates the average hours worked by each employee for each 7 day week.
  • All reports can be run for one or many employees.
  • Employees can view their own punchcard report for any time period.
  • All reports viewable as a web page (HTML), as PDF (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format), or can be exported to CSV for manipulation in Microsoft Excel. They can then be easily printed if required.
  • The last 20 reports run are saved and stored in your database for quick and easy access.
  • Configurable report rounding to the nearest minute, 6 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.
  • Optionally display a payroll summary for each employee on employee based reports like the punchcard or detailed punchcard reports.

Job Tracking

  • Create an unlimited number of jobs and allow employees to record their time against jobs.
  • Have jobs available globally accross all locations in your Online Time Clock MTS account or restrict them to employees from just a single location.
  • Optionally allow employees to create their own jobs.
  • Print out an easy to read list of all active jobs to supply to employees.
  • Report on what jobs a single employee (or group of employees) has booked time to as well as time not booked directly to jobs.
  • Break down time spent on a job by employee in seconds via the Job Time Report.

Data Security

  • Your data is stored on our web servers which are run and maintained by one of the USA's biggest and most reliable web hosting companies.
  • An exact mirror of all data is maintained continuously on one of our database servers in a different geographic location to our main web servers.
  • Your data is backed up to a secure location every 4 hours of every day, 365 days a year.
  • The database containing your information is stored in a secure server center behind industrial strength firewalls and is not available to either the casual browser or the determined hacker.