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April 19, 2018

Permanently Deleting Employees

Un-Deleting Employees in Online Time Clock MTS
The Un-Delete Employees Screen - Click to Enlarge

We've just added the ability to delete employees permanently from the Un-Delete Employees screen (see above). To delete an employee and all their time clock data they must first be deleted on the Manage Employees screen. Once deleted the employee will appear on the Un-Delete Employees screen. To permanently delete the employee click the Delete Permanently link next to the employee's name. This action will require two confirmations before the actual data deletion occurs.

Once deleted permanently the employee's data CANNOT BE RECOVERED.

Posted by markn at 3:10 PM

April 11, 2018

Disable GPS / GeoLocation on a Single Device

We've just added the ability to turn off GPS tracking on a single device. This is useful if there's some problem with the GeoLocation/GPS sub-systems on your device and Online Time Clock MTS cannot obtain a GPS location. Turning off GPS tracking on a single device can only be done from that device, can only be done by your account administrator, and only applies to the Desktop Interface of Online Time Clock MTS.

Read the help topic entry about disabling GPS tracking on a single device here.

Posted by markn at 10:49 AM