Online Time Clock MTS and the Security of Your Data

Here at Online Time Clock MTS we take the security and privacy of your data and that of your employees seriously. We understand that the data must be secure from prying eyes and hackers, it must be able to be retrieved reliably and it must be retrievable in the event of catastrophic failures. We've adopted a 4 pronged approach to solving these problems, each of which are outlined below.

Data Encryption

All communications of your data and that of your employees between our servers and your computer is encrypted using secure 256bit SSL communications (known as HTTPS). Also, the identity of our website and company has been assured by the leading provider of Internet encryption and security solutions, Comodo. If you wanted to read more about the technical details of what a secure web connection is then please head over to Wikipedia and read about Secure HTTP Web Connections. The practical upshot is that when you're connected to the Online Time Clock MTS website on a secure connection you'll know that you're really communicating with us, that the data sent back and forth between your computer and ours is encrypted and secure, and that any computers that data passes through on the way are both trusted and secure. All of this means that it's practically impossible to intercept your vital data.

You'll know that you're communicating with the Online Time Clock MTS website over secure HTTPS connection by some indication from the browser you use. Firstly you'll notice that the address of secure web pages should start with https:// rather than http://. Secondly somewhere on your browser window there'll be a little padlock indicating a secure connection. On Internet Explorer this might be the right of the URL address bar, or it might be on the bottom right of the window. On Mozilla Firefox it's usually at the bottom right of the Window, whereas on Google Chrome it's at the top left of the window next to the URL address bar. If you're using a different browser then try looking a the help files to work out where the secure connection status is shown.

Data Reliability

The Online Time Clock MTS system is run off of servers on the West Coast of the USA in a state of the art data center. The servers in the centers are constantly monitored for reliability and performance by a team of technicians who specialize in the role. Couple this with the fact that we have a failover setup for our web server and database servers and we are sure that Online Time Clock MTS will have excellent reliability and availability.

Data Security

The data center containing the Online Time Clock MTS servers is fully monitored, secure, and completely unavailable to access by unauthorized persons. In addition all communications between the various Online Time Clock MTS Servers is over full 256bit SSL connections meaning that the data is both strongly encrypted and not able to be intercepted. When teaming this up with the data encryption elements discussed above you can see that we truly do take the security of your data very, very, seriously.

Data Backups

Of course there's no such thing as a 100% reliable system or a 100% available system and in the event of a catastrophic failure we have a comprensive and rigorous data backup regime. This comprises a 100% backup of all web server files and databases every four hours to a geographically separate computer in another data center on the East Coast of the USA. In addition another server is constantly monitoring ALL Online Time Clock MTS databases and maintains an EXACT mirror of the data which is current to just a few seconds. As a final degree of safety we're also backing up all this information daily to a computer on another continent!