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July 27, 2014

Feature Preview - Email Alerts

The next release will include a feature we've called "email alerts". The email alert system will automatically send emails to nominated email addresses based on rules that you create which we're calling "email alert rules". You can see an image of the email alert rule screen below:

You can trigger an alert for a specific employee when they punch in, punch out, or both. Then additional criteria such as BEFORE a certain time (say 9:00AM), AFTER a certain time (say after 10:00AM), or a weekly hour limit can be applied to the email alert rule. So, for example, a rule could be defined for an employee who punches in. Or it could be refined to only send an email when a given employee punches in BEFORE 9:00AM. Or perhaps when a given employee punches out BEFORE 5:00PM. The weekly limit criteria allows you to receive an email alert when an employee's weekly hours exceeds a given limit. For example, you could receive an email alert when a selected employee punches out AND their weekly hours exceeds 40 hours.

We're going to allow an unlimited number of email alert rules for each employee but rules that would be triggered from the same criteria will not be allowed. The email alerts themselves will be sent shortly after the rule is triggered to the nominated email addresses of your choice.

Posted by markn at 7:34 AM

July 17, 2014

Interruption in Email Support Until Evening Friday 18 July 2014

We've had to leave the office for a few days which normally isn't an issue because we can answer our emails while on the road. However, due to unknown technical issues we're unable to connect to our office server and get access to our email. This means support emails will go unanswered until this Friday evening PST (18 July 2014). We can only give our strongest apologies for this and will address all emails as soon as we are back in office.

Posted by markn at 3:03 PM

July 15, 2014

System Slowdown Today

From about 11AM West Coast time today until about 2PM the Online Time Clock MTS systems experienced something of a slowdown. This appears to have been due to excessive network traffic hitting the servers from a particular country. It was almost certainly a random attempt by a group of computers there to gain access to our servers which they did not. Things are back to normal now and I'm happy to report that the systems we've got in place to deal with this sort of event have worked nicely. Apologies to anyone who noticed that things were a little slow during this time.

And if you're wondering, it's EXTREMELY unlikely that this was anything more than a random attack rather than something that was targeted specifically against the Online Time Clock MTS systems.

Posted by markn at 7:50 AM