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February 27, 2018

GeoLocation and GeoFencing

We're entering the last stages of testing of a major update to Online Time Clock MTS. This will add the ability to geolocate (via GPS or network address) your employees when they punch in or out. Time Clock administrators can then view the geographic location of time punches on a map. Here's what that's going to look like;

View Time Punches on a Map


The account administrator or location administrators will be able to define geographic fences and then assign them to time clock security logins. Once assigned to a login employees will only be able to punch in or out while they are within the assign geofence(s). Here's a couple of screenshots giving you an idea of how that's going to work:

View Fences for a Location
Creating a GeoFence

These changes will be rolled out in a couple of weeks. There will be a short amount of server downtime this Sunday night (PST) in preparation for this rollout. The exact time will be posted later this week.

Posted by markn at 1:21 PM