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August 31, 2010

A New Reporting Fix and Better Popup Calendars

There's been some minor improvements to the system put in place in the last couple of weeks. Most of these wont be visible to you but a couple are worthy of mention. Firstly, thanks to one company using the software who are tracking several dozen employees we found out that very long reports were not displaying correctly. Because of their help we were able to fix this up with a minimum of fuss.

The other noticeable improvement is with the various popup calendars used throughout the system (on the Payroll Reports screen for example). It wasn't obvious but you could actually click on the month or year of the calendar to select the month or year directly from a dropdown box, but there was no visual indication that this was possible. This lead to a lot of people clicking rather furiously on the next/previous month buttons to try to get to the right date, hardly ideal when you want to go back 20 years! Anyway, a small dropdown indication has been added next to the month and year on the popup calendars to make it a lot more obvious what is going on. Let me know what you think!

Posted by markn at 1:35 PM

Online Time Clock MTS BETA Period Ending Soon

The BETA testing period for Online Time Clock MTS has been in operation for nearly 10 weeks now and we've had a ton of useful feedback from some of the more than 200 companies that are now using the system. This period is drawing to close, and I'm expecting us to change to a subscription based system later in this week. Don't worry if you're currently using Online Time Clock MTS, you'll still get to use it a while longer for free. At the minimum I'll be giving those who have used the system during the testing period another 60 days of free usage. Those who have offered up suggestions or helped us fix problems will be getting a longer period of free use and one lucky company will get a further 12 months of free usage. If you want to know what Online Time Clock MTS is going to cost then head on over to the pricing page for more details.

Of course don't forget if you've just got one location or three or fewer employees then you get to use your Online Time Clock MTS account for free!

Posted by markn at 1:27 PM

August 18, 2010

Minor Fixes Uploaded

I've been working on the Online Time Clock MTS subscription system and pricing in the last few days as well as completing the Online Time Clock MTS Documentation. During this time some users have found some problems and suggested some improvements to the system. I've done my best to get these uploaded today. Here's what's changed:

  • HIre date for new employees now defaults to the current date.
  • The View Employee timecard button on the time clock screen ignored the PIN entry value and showed the timecard regardless of whether the PIN was correct or not. This is now fixed.
  • The payroll summary section of reports would sometimes include an extra day's hours, this is now fixed.
  • A javascript bug on the payroll reports screen has been fixed, this only occurred if you had no departments defined.
  • The message an employee sees when they enter the wrong PIN when clocking in and out is now a lot more user friendly.

Posted by markn at 12:57 PM

August 12, 2010

Online Time Clock MTS Help Documents Available

We've been working hard the last couple of weeks to get the Online Time Clock MTS Help Documents written, edited, and posted. While it's not quite finished yet, 90% of the documents are written and posted with just a few remaining which should be done in the next week. Where possible we've linked each page of your account to an appropriate topic in the help documents, you can reach the topic from the Help menu . If there's no appropriate topic we've just linked to the Online Time Clock MTS Help Contents where you can search for an appropriate topic yourself.

We'll be linking directly to the help file from the main part of the site sometime soon, we're just not quite sure where yet!

Posted by markn at 7:48 PM

August 5, 2010

Online Time Clock MTS Beta Version 3.0 Released

Online Time Clock MTS Screenshot
The Access Control Screen - Click to Enlarge

Online Time Clock MTS BETA 3 has been released today, it includes a raft of new features including the beginnings of the help system. All the new features are detailed below. This will probably be the last BETA release until the system goes commercial in the next 2-4 weeks.

New Features

  • Check All, Un-Check All, and Invert Selection links added to the employee list box on the payroll reports screen.

  • You can now select the month and year from calendars by clicking on the month or year and choosing the correct date with the mouse.

  • A copy employee button has been added to the manage employees screen. This allows you to create an exact copy of the selected employee.

  • Added 'change location' link in the header to allow the account administrator to change locations and easily work on employees from all locations.

  • You can now edit the account contact email on the Account Settings page.

  • The account administrator can now require employees to enter a note when they clock in or out. Notes can be required or optionally left blank.

  • Notes are now included on the Detailed Punchcard Report.

  • The time clock options screen now warns users when they have changed a setting and try to navigate away from the page without saving the changes.

  • The help menu is now active, topic specific help pages are being written over the next few weeks and the help menu will take you to the correct topic for a page (given that the page is written). If the topic isn't available yet you'll be taken to the help contents page.

  • Logins to timeclock security level accounts can now be restricted to certain computers by IP address.

  • The selected list item in all lists is now highlighted blue, making it much easier to see what's selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to case where IP address was not recorded when a clock out time was added by the Edit Times screen to time that had a clock in only.

  • Fix to various screens with layout problems when windows popped up.

Posted by markn at 12:26 PM