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June 23, 2010

Your Suggestions at Work

If you've been using Online Time Clock MTS (and I know there's a few dozen active accounts right now) then you've probably noticed the orange 'FEEDBACK' tab on the left hand side of every page. You can click on that tab and leave any feedback or suggest changes you'd like to see made to the system or to report any problems that you might have. I'm currently using this feedback system heavily to keep track of feature requests and to log bug reports. For example, last night a user noted a problem with their manage employee screen and reported this on the FEEDBACK tab. I responded to them, got some more information and as of about 10 minutes ago the bug that user found has been fixed up. It's that easy.

So, if you're using Online Time Clock MTS please make use of the feedback tab. We are listening and remember that when we do stop the BETA test period those who give us feedback and report bugs will get a free subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Posted by markn at 3:09 PM

June 16, 2010

Online Time Clock MTS Beta Version 2 Released

Version 2 of the Online Time Clock MTS Beta has just been released. There's a large number of changes that are beginning to make the system very useful. You can find all the changes detailed below. If you find any problems please use the Feedback tab from within the application to let me know what is happening.

New Features
-A functioning time clock options page has been added which can be accessed via the Tools->Time Clock Options dropdown menu.
-Time format display option added (can be set to 12 hour AM/PM format or 24 hour format). This affects how times are displayed throughout the entire Online Time Clock MTS system apart from the clock ticker on the actual time clock. The display format here is determined by the local settings of the browser.
-Length of work week setting added (not currently used but will be used when salaried employees are added to the system).
-First day of week setting added, used to set week start day for weekly overtime and for various time period settings.
-Report time rounding setting added, times on reports can now be rounded to the nearest minute, 6 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes. Note that the raw times are still stored, the rounding is done at report time only.
-Two tiers of daily overtime added, they can be turned on or off and a daily hourly limit set for each. Each can be paid at a different rate.
-Weekly overtime added along with a weekly limit at which stage it will be paid.
-Overtime calculation method added, overtime can be calculated based on daily overtime only, weekly overtime only, or both. Note that when both is selected there is no doubling up of daily and weekly overtime.
-Added the simple wages report, this breaks down the wages for a time period into normal rate, overtime 1 rate, overtime 2 rate and weekly overtime. A total is presented for each employee and then for all the employees on the report.
-Added the missing punches report. This gives a list of times for each employee that are missing a clock out or clock in. Useful for administrators to see who has forgotten to clock out at the end of a work day.
-Various new employee fields added including date of birth, hire date, social security number and various employee contact details.
-Pay rates added for employees. Rates added are normal rate, overtime 1 rate, and overtime 2 rate.
-Employee maintenance screen changed to a tabbed layout to cope with all the new employee settings.

Bug Fixes
-Fix to popup windows not resizing properly.
-Fix to popup windows showing incorrect captions.
-Clock in for time with no clock out can now be edited.
-A bug in the checking procedures when adding a clock in time with no clock out has been fixed.
-A bug when checking for a pre-existing badge number when adding a new employee has been fixed.

-When adding a time on the edit times screen the clock out time will now automatically set itself to 8 hours after the clock in time.
-Last login time now recorded with login events.
-The employee list box on the generate payroll reports screen is now disabled when the 'All Employees' option is selected.
-The employees in the employee list box on the generate payroll reports screen are all checked by default.
-The last type of report run is now remembered on the generate payroll reports screen.
-The date of the last report run is now remembered on the generate payroll reports screen.
-A check box has been added to the payroll reports screen to allow displaying of a payroll summary for each employee in the report (only works for employee based reports like the punchcard report and the detailed punchcard report).
-Modified the simple time report to break time down into normal hours, overtime 1 hours, overtime 2 hours and weekly overtime hours. A total is also given for each employee and the total number of different hours for all employees in the report.

Posted by markn at 4:32 PM

June 3, 2010

Online Time Clock MTS Features and Screenshot Pages Posted

I've just posted up a couple of new pages that give you a better look at what Online Time Clock MTS can do and what it looks like. You can see these pages via the menus at the top of the site or by just clicking on the links below:

Online Time Clock MTS Features
Online Time Clock MTS Screenshots

These pages will be added to as the product develops and matures, it's worth checking back and seeing how things change!

Posted by markn at 9:46 PM