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The Online Time Clock MTS Employee ListThe Online Time Clock MTS employee time clock interface is the result of several years of development and refinement from our desktop time clock software product. It is designed to be easy to understand, simple to use, and trivial to train your employees to use. Thus the most commonly used aspect of Online Time Clock MTS (the actual time clock) will not add to your overheads nor will it add to the ongoing cost of using Online Time Clock MTS.

Online Time Clock MTS allows your employees to simply select their name from a list using a computer mouse and then click the clock in or out button. Online Time Clock MTS contains built in checks to prevent your employees from performing the wrong action and thus data entry errors (and the time taken to fix them up) are eliminated. Optionally you can require your employees to enter a PIN to stop them clocking in and out for each other.

Entering a NoteIf you need it you can have your employees enter a note when they clock in or out using the computer keyboard. These notes can then be reported on using one of several Online Time Clock MTS reports. Time Clock Administrators can send messages to employees via the time clock screen, these can be viewable by all employees or just targeted at a single employee or department when employees clock in and out.