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What is Online Time Clock MTS?

Online Time Clock MTS by Amlac Software is a web based system that provides companies and individuals with a simple online employee time and attendance and payroll solution. Online Time Clock MTS allows you to:

  • Create and manage employee records and record time and attendance data for them. The number of employees you can track depends on your subscription level.
  • Allows your employees to clock in or out by selecting their name from a list using any browser on any computer.
  • Use any computer with a web browser in any timezone in any location to record your time and attendance information and still be able to report on and process this information from a single location anywhere in the world.
  • Record all employee clock in and out times accurate to the nearest second but apply rounding rules to suit your own payroll policies.
  • Automatically apply daily or weekly overtime rules that suit your business. No more tricky calculations, Online Time Clock takes care of it all for you.
  • Generate reports for any location that are up to the second accurate in a number of different formats that can be easily supplied to your payroll department.
Benefits of Using Online Time Clock MTS
  • Eliminate reliance on manual time clock systems, paper based timesheets or desktop software.
  • Realize immediate costs savings by saving the time of your accountand or book-keeper. No more manually tallying up time sheets or doing tedious overtime calculations and payroll totals.
  • Help to eliminate employee over and under payments and the problems they cause.
  • Lower the administrative overheads within your company as you try to comply with local overtime regulations.
  • Provide management with 'at their fingertips' reporting showing completely current time and attendance data by department or location.
  • No more costly maintenance and compatibility issues with desktop software.

Online Time Clock MTS builds on our experience with Time Clock MTS which is used by more than 6000 companies. Online Time Clock MTS is remarkably easy to learn and has a very low on-going cost of ownership. To learn more please take a look at the Getting Started section of the help files.

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