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October 8, 2013

Change to Account Login Page

I've spent the last few days streamlining the Online Time Clock MTS account sign up process and as a part of this I've made a change to the account login page. You're probably already aware that you can log into your web time clock account using your account login page using an URL something like:


Where "your_account_name" is (obviously) the name of your Online Time Clock MTS account.

Now you can include your login name into this URL to have the Login field pre-populated. So, if, for example, your account administrator login is account_admin then you could change the above URL to:


Or perhaps you have setup a timeclock security account for your employees called "timeclock" then you'd change the URL to:


Of course your employees will still need to enter a password to log into your time clock account.

Don't forget that timeclock security accounts can be setup with a One Click Login which won't require your employees to enter a password. If you wanted to know how to do this then you should read this One Click Login Time Clock Article.

Posted by markn at 12:16 PM