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April 1, 2011

Payroll Reports Enhancements Released

Configuring Payroll Reports Screenshot
Configuring Payroll Reports - Click to Enlarge

We've just added some enhancements to the Payroll Reports screen. The major one is the addition of a new check box (HH:MM:SS Time Format) that will force reports to display all times in hours/minutes/seconds format rather than the default decimal hours format. So, for example, 1.45 hours will be displayed as 01:27:00 when you check this setting prior to running a payroll report.

The second (and more minor change) is that the HH:MM:SS Time Format and the Show Payroll Information settings are now remembered when you run a report so you don't have to keep checking them (or unchecking) to suit your particular reporting requirements.

Posted by markn at 7:31 AM