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September 14, 2013

Online Time Clock MTS System Update - September 2013

The Online Time Clock MTS Add/Edit Shift Screen
The Add / Edit Shift Screen - Click to Enlarge

We've spent the last few weeks working on a new release of our web based timeclock system and we're pleased to announce that the release is now available. Here's a list of the changes that were made in this release.

  • Complete compatibility testing with Internet Explorer 10. Some small tweaks required but nothing that will be noticed.
  • Added the Manage Shifts screen to the system. Shifts can be assigned to one location or all locations. The account administrator and normal administrators can manage shifts.
  • Shifts can have a name, a description, a location, and a start and end time.
  • Each shift allows you to restrict employees from clocking in too early. This limit can range from one minute to 30 minutes.
  • Employees can now be assigned to a shift on the Manage Employees screen.
  • The Payroll Reports screen now allows filtering by shift.
  • Added the Late for Shift report.
  • Added the Long Punches report.
  • Added the Missed Days report.
  • Fixed a rare bug when adding a message.
  • Changed the size of all lists to be consistent across the system.
  • Fixed up some CSS issues with the Add/Edit employees screen in Google Chrome.

As always if you encounter any problems with this release or have some suggestions please contact us or use the Feedback & Support tab at the bottom right of your Online Time Clock MTS Window.

Posted by markn at 10:21 PM

September 11, 2013

Online Time Clock MTS Third Birthday

We've just had the 3rd birthday of Online Time Clock MTS we'd just like to say a quick thank you to all our users.

We haven't heard from many of you over the last few years because we've put a lot of effort and into making Online Time Clock MTS as easy to use as possible and the fact is that

it simply just works!

Rarely do we have to answer support emails from users because very rarely does anyone have any problems. Online Time Clock MTS has been trouble free and that's exactly what you want from your time clock system. And here we are 3 years on, Thank you to everyone who has accompanied us during this time.

Online Time Clock MTS works, and it works well, and because of this our users simply go about their daily business doing what they need to do without the worry of technical issues or software problems. This means more time for the important things like your bottom line. If you want to join the Online Time Clock MTS family then simply sign up today and start realizing the cost benefits of an accurate easy to use secure time keeping system for your employees. If you do happen to have a question for us our support staff are here to answer your email any time. Our happiness depends on the happiness of our customers. If you've got a question for an improvement or feature you'd like to see, then by all means just ask us and we'll consider it for inclusion in the program.

Posted by markn at 1:50 PM

System Downtime Friday 13 December 6:30PM PST

Online Time Clock MTS will be unavailable from 6:30PM PST this Friday, 13 September. Total system downtime will be around 2-3 hours. We're rolling out some new features, new reports, and various system tweaks and fixes.

Posted by markn at 1:31 PM

September 4, 2013

An Update About Online Time Clock MTS

I've been very lax posting updates to this blog in the last several months. Despite my lack of posts development of Online Time Clock MTS has continued and there's been several updates to system in this time, mostly these have been minor tweaks, performance improvements, and in one case a bug fix. I've spent the last month or so working on a major-ish update to the system. Primarily this has revolved around the addition of a very simple shift system and the inclusion of several new reports. I plan on making these updates available within the next 14 days. There'll be a new blog post warning when the update is happening as well as a new alert visible to your account administrator. Stay tuned for more information.

Posted by markn at 11:17 AM