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January 19, 2014

Online Time Clock MTS Scheduled Maintenance Complete

We've just completed today's schedule maintenance for Online Time Clock MTS. These updates were targeted at the latest version of Internet Explorer (version 11) and designed to fix up several problems that browser had displaying and sorting data in Online Time Clock MTS. Users of other browsers (or other versions of Internet Explorer) are unlikely to notice any change.

We've tested the systems thoroughly and managed to get everything back online 20 minutes ahead of our planned 3 hour downtime. We'd like to thank all Online Time Clock MTS users for their patience during this time.

Posted by markn at 9:11 AM

January 16, 2014

Online Time Clock MTS and Internet Explorer 11 Update

After a few days of effort and using our test systems we've managed to resolve the problems that Online Time Clock MTS was having with Internet Explorer 11. We'll be rolling out these changes this Saturday (18 January 2014) at 1:00PM Pacific Time so Online Time Clock MTS will not be available for about 3 hours from that time.

Posted by markn at 12:27 PM

January 13, 2014

Online Time Clock MTS and Internet Explorer 11

There appears to be some sort of problem with the grid displays in Online Time Clock MTS and Internet Explorer 11. This appears to be related in some way to the sorting of columns. If you're using IE11 you can verify that you have this problem by clicking on a column header in a list (on one of the manage data screens for example). The symptom of the problem is the entire contents of the grid disappearing. This issue also manifests itself when editing or adding an item on a grid display. This is because our code automatically triggers a grid sort when a new item is added or modified. For now you can work around the issue by not sorting the grid displays and reloading the page when you add or edit an item on one of the manage data screens.

We're currently working with the vendor who supplies us with the grid display component to resolve this issue. I'll keep you updated as more news comes to hand.

Posted by markn at 3:12 PM