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Reporting in Online Time Clock MTS

Online Time Clock MTS includes a comprehensive reporting system which can generate reports quickly and easily in a number of different formats. There are a number of different pre-defined reports in the system, all of which can be viewed in HTML, PDF or CSV formats. When you're logged in as the account administrator, a location administrator, or a reports user you can access the Reports screen from the Reports dashboard icon or via the Tools->Reporting menu.

Configuring Reports

Some reports require no configuration (such as the Attendance and Badge Number reports), but others (known as Payroll Reports) allow you to configure them to suit your requirements. These reports can be configured on the Payroll Reports screen which is described in the Configuring Payroll Reports help topic.

Pre-Defined Reports

The Punchcard Log ReportThis report shows the logged events for each time punch during the reporting period.
The Time Punch Map ReportThe Time Punch Map shows the GPS location of time punches for an employee over the report period.
The Time IP ReportThe Time IP Report is a Punchcard Report with the computer IP address recorded for each clock in and out event.
The Simple Wages ReportThe Simple Wages Report shows the wages due to each employee for the selected date range including overtime totals, a weekly total and final total for all employees.
The Simple Time Report The Simple Time Report shows the total number of hours worked including overtime and weekly totals for each employee and then the total time for all employees within the date range selected.
The Time Classification Report The time classification report breaks down the time for each employee by classification (normal, vacation, sick, PTO, and other) and then gives the total time for all employees within the date range selected.
The Punchcard ReportThe Punchcard Report gives a detailed view of clock in and out events for each employee across a selected date range and the total time worked and can also include payroll calculations.
The Punchcard with Notes ReportThe Punchcard with Notes Report is similar to the Punchcard report but includes all employee notes.
The Missing Punches ReportThe Missing Punches Report is a simple report showing a list of employees who are missing corresponding clock in or out events ie. a forgotten clock out.
The Detailed Punchcard ReportThe Detailed Punchcard Report gives you the times of each selected employees clock in and clock out events for the selected date range and a summary of the total time worked.
The Badge Number ReportThe Badge Number Report allows you to view a simple list of all employees, their badge numbers and PIN's.
The Attendance ReportThe Attendance Report is a simple list of employess who are currently clocked in and those that are clocked out.
The Job Time ReportThe Job Time Report breaks down the time spent on each job by employee.
The Job Punchcard ReportThe Job Punchcard Report breaks down the time each employee spends over the reporting period by the jobs they've worked on. Time not spent working on jobs is also reported.
The Active Job ReportThe Active Job Report lists all the currently active jobs and their job codes.
The Message Acceptance ReportThe Message Acceptance Report displays all of the currently active messages, the employees who have read them, and the employees that have not.
The Time Off ReportThe Time Off Report gives a breakdown of all time taken off by employees during the reporting period.
The Average Hours Per Week ReportThe average hours per week report calculates the average number of hours worked for each seven day week in the reporting period.
The Employee Note ReportThe Employee Note Report is similar to the Detailed Punchcard Report except it displays entire employee notes rather than just an extract.
The Employee Notes Only ReportThe Employee Notes Only Report is similar to the Employee Note Report except that only times during the reporting period with employee notes are displayed.

Report Formats

All Online Time Clock MTS reports can be viewed in HTML, PDF, or CSV formats. This is discussed further in the Report Formats help topic.

A Note on Online Time Clock MTS Reports

A key thing to realize with Time Clock MTS reports is that all payroll data is calculated by a seven day work week. The first day of the work week is set on the Online Time Clock Options page. When reporting on a seven day period that does not start on the same day of your work week all calculations will be carried out for each FULL pay period in the report. Here is an example that helps to explain this.

First Day of Week Set to Monday, daily overtime set to 8 hours, weekly overtime set to 40 hours, overtime calculation set to both daily and weekly overtime

Week 1
Monday: 8 hrs
Tuesday: 9 hrs
Wednesday: 8.5 hrs
Thursday: 8.5 hrs
Friday:9 hrs

Week 2
Monday: 9 hrs
Tuesday: 8 hrs
Wednesday: 8.5 hrs
Thursday: 8 hrs
Friday:8.5 hrs

  • A report generated for Monday->Sunday of week 1 will report 3 hours of daily overtime and 3 hours of weekly over time.
  • A report generated for Monday->Sunday of week 2 will report 2 hours of daily overtime and 2 hours of weekly over time.
  • A report generated for Wednesay of week 1 to Monday of week 2 will report 3 hours of daily overtime (for Thu week 1, Fri week 1 and Mon week2). Weekly overtime will be reported as 3 hours (because the last 3 hours of Friday week 1 are in excess of 40 hours for week 1.

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