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The Punchcard Report

The Punchcard Report Screenshot
The Punchcard Report - Click to Enlarge

The Punchcard Report gives a detailed view of clock in and out events for each employee across the date range selected and the total time worked for the date range. If a time is classified as vacation time, sick time, PTO, or other it will be noted as such next to each recorded time.

Check the Show Employee Payroll Information checkbox on the Payroll Reports screen for a more detailed report with basic payroll calculations and breakdown of hours worked.

The Punchcard Report can be found on the Payroll Reports screen. You run the report for all employees, some employees or a particular department.

This report can be viewed within Online Time Clock MTS, in pdf, or exported to csv (comma delimited file) which can be opened in MS Excel or many other spreadsheet or database programs. The report can be printed from any of these formats.

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