Simplify your Payroll ....Now

We know from long experience that simply having a computerized system that can track your employee attendance information can save up to 5 minutes per employee per week compared with calculating payroll manually. Add in systems to track sick / vacation time taken, public holidays, accrual of vacation / sick time, and automatic overtime calculations and you can see the savings really start to build up. Online Time Clock MTS will make the following key improvements to your payroll processing:

  • Record and track vacation time and vacation accruals.
  • Record and track sick time and sick time accruals.
  • Automatic calculation of two tiered daily overtime.
  • Track and report on both hourly and salaried employes.
  • Pay employees for public holidays.
  • Automatic break tracking.

Online Time Clock MTS can be used free of charge for 30 days. Signing up for a trial account takes just a few seconds!