Online Time Clock MTS means Nothing to Install

A 100% web based time clock system like Online Time Clock MTS means there's nothing to install and no software for your IT staff to maintain as the years go by. All that is needed is a computer (or a device like an iPad or Smartphone) with a reasonably modern web-browser and an internet connection. Our system runs within your browser and all of your data is stored securely on our reliable servers. Here's just a few advantages of using a web-based time clock system:

  • There is no software to download and install or to maintain as time goes by.
  • Much better compatibility, it doesn't matter what computers you've got or their operating system, Online Time Clock MTS will just work.
  • Simple setup and roll out, there's nothing to install so all your employees need is a login link and a password.
  • Lower on-going cost of ownership. A new version of Windows being released? Won't affect Online Time Clock MTS.
  • Seamless software updates, we roll out updates and ALL your time clock stations are updated instantly.

Online Time Clock MTS can be used free of charge for 30 days. Signing up for a trial account takes just a few seconds!