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Job and Task Tracking Screens

If you bill your employee time to customers, or track time spent on internal projects or tasks, or want better cost tracking for jobs and tasks your employees are working on then Online Time Clock MTS has you covered. Your time clock administrators can track as many jobs or tasks as you required, and your employees can then enter a job code when they punch in. In fact, employees can punch in and out of jobs as many times as you need during the day. The time spent is allocated to the job without you needing to do anything else. Our reporting system will then allow you to quickly and easily see what time has been worked on what job by what employee. Below you can see some of the screens used to manage jobs, report on them, and record time against them.

Entering a Job or Task Code on the Time Clock Screen

This screen is used to manage the jobs that you want employees to be able to track from within the system.

This screen is used to add new jobs or edit existing ones.

You can easily print out a list of all the active jobs and tasks for reference.

This report shows what job each time punch is assigned to during the reporting period.