Eliminate Time Clock Fraud

There are three critical things to know to ensure that employee time clock fraud can be eliminated:

  • Are you sure of the identity of the employee punching in or out?
  • Are you sure of the time when the employee punches in or out?
  • Are you sure of the location of the employee when they punch in r out?

Identity Assurance with Employee PINs and Mobile Passwords

Online Time Clock MTS helps ensure an employee is who they say they are through the use of individual employee PINs (the Desktop Time Clock Interface) and individual employee emails and passwords (the Mobile Time Clock Interface).

Time Punches 100% Accurate

All times for time punches are sourced from our remote servers and cannot be manipulated by changing system times on computers or devices.

Location Assurance with GPS Tracking and IP Control

Online Time Clock MTS can record the GPS location of employees when they punch in or out and you can view those locations on a map. Alternatively you can lock down the time clock so that it can be used on only a single or range of computer IP addresses. Either way you can be sure your employees are actually AT work when they are using the time clock.

Online Time Clock MTS can be used free of charge for 30 days. Signing up for a trial account takes just a few seconds!