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The Online Time Clock MTS Dashboard

The Online Time Clock MTS Dashboard Screenshot
The Online Time Clock MTS Dashboard - Click to Enlarge

The central hub of information for most Online Time Clock users will be the Dashboard, which you can see above. It provides a central point of access to the most critical aspects of the system via large friendly icons. It also displays system generated warnings as well as messages from us about new features, new releases, and expected downtime for maintenance. The icons that each login can see depends entirely on the security level of the login. So, the account administrator can view all available icons, while a report level login will only be able to see the reports icons. A timeclock level login will only see the time clock icon and for this reason logins of this security level are directed immediately to the time clock screen rather than to the dashboard.

It's worth talking about a few elements of the dashboard:

  1. The Change Location Link : this link is only visible to the account administrator login on all screens and allows the account administrator to quickly and easily change their login location (and thus time zone and so on).
  2. The Logout Link : this link is visible to all logins on all screens and when clicked will log you out of Online Time Clock MTS.
  3. The Dropdown Menus : a dropdown menu is available on every Online Time Clock MTS screen and provides a quick method of accessing commonly used pages and less frequently used pages. The menus available are dependent entirely on the security level of the current login (similar to the icons on the dashboard).
  4. The Dashboard Icons : these provide quick access to the most critical areas of Online Time Clock MTS and are tailored to the security level of the current login.
  5. The Notifications Area - this area is only present on the dashboard page and only the account administrator and location administrator will be able to see these messages. Messages can include system generated warnings, notifications about new releases and features, and messages about up-coming system maintenance.

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