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Resetting Your Online Time Clock Password

Resetting Password Step 1 Screenshot
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Online Time Clock MTS includes a system to reset your Account Administrator password if you happen to forget it. Your account's other logins can have their passwords reset by the account administrator by using the Manage Logins screen. You access the password reset system from your personal Online Time Clock MTS login page which we talked about in the Logging into Online Time Clock MTS Help Topic. When you click the reset password link on this page you'll be taken to the Reset Forgotten Password page which you can see above. Clicking on the Reset Password button will send an email to your account contact email address requesting you confirm the password reset. You'll know this is done correctly because the screen will look like the image below.

Resetting Password Step 2 Screenshot
Resetting Password Step 2 - Click to Enlarge

Resetting Password Step 3 Screenshot
Resetting Password Step 3 - Click to Enlarge

Within a few minutes of requesting a password reset you'll be sent an email which looks like the one above. Just click on the confirm the password reset link in the email or cut and paste the full URL into the address bar of your browser. Note that you'll have 24 hours to confirm the password reset, if this time expires you'll need to request a new password reset. Password reset confirmation emails will only be sent to your Online Time Clock MTS account contact email and nowhere else. This is to prevent employees requesting a password reset in an attempt to access your account administrator login for fraudulent purposes.

Resetting Password Step 4 Screenshot
Resetting Password Step 4 - Click to Enlarge

Once you click on the link you'll be taken to the above page notifying you that your account administrator password has been reset and the new password has been emailed to you. As with the confirmation email this password will only be emailed to your account contact email.

Resetting Password Step 5 Screenshot
Resetting Password Step 5 - Click to Enlarge
The email you'll receive once your password has been reset will look something like the email above. An automatically generated password is shown and this can be used to access your account administrator account via your personal Online Time Clock MTS login page which we talked about in the Logging into Online Time Clock MTS Help Topic. Take care if you're cutting and pasting your new password from the email to ensure that you do not include any trailing or preceding spaces.

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