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The Working Hours Report

The Working Hours Report Screenshot
Working Hours Report- Click to Enlarge

The Working Hours Report presents a daily break down of working hours for each day of the reporting period. A row with 6 columns is displayed for each employee for each day of the reporting period. The first column shows the date while the next 5 columns break down the employee hours for that day into Normal Hours, Overtime 1 Hours (OT1), Overtime 2 Hours (OT2), Weekly Overtime Hours (Weekly) and total daily hours (Total). This report is great for understanding how overtime is accumulated by the employee during a payroll period.

The Working Hours Report can be found on the Tools->Reporting->Payroll Reports screen.

This report can be viewed within Online Time Clock MTS, in pdf, or exported to csv (comma delimited file) which can be opened in MS Excel or many other spreadsheet or database programs. The report can be printed from any of these formats.

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