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How to Setup Mobile Device Access for Employees

If you want an employee to be able to access the Mobile Device Interface then you (and they) must follow this procedure:

Setting up the Employee Email Address

1. Enter an Employee Email

A time clock administrator must enter an email address for the employee on the Employee Maintenance screen,. Once entered save the changes. An email will automatically be sent to the employee with instructions on how to log into the mobile device interface.

Employee Activation Email

2. Employee Receives Activation Email

Above is a copy of the email the employee will receive. In includes a link your account's mobile device login page and contains instructions telling the employee they must login in the first time using their email as the password (see the image below).

First Employee Login

3. Employee Logs in First Time to Set Password

When the employee has entered their email into both fields on the log in page they just need to touch the Login button and they'll be taken to the screen below.

Setting a Password

4. Employee Sets a Password

The employee must use this screen to set a password to log in. The password must be longer than 6 characters and can only contain letters and numbers. When they have entered their new password (and confirmed it) they need to touch the Reset Password button at which point they'll be returned to the log in screen (see below).

Logging in with New Password

5. Employee Logs in with New Password!

Now the employee is ready to log in and start using the Mobile Device Interface to punch in and out. They'll need to enter their new password and touch the login button at which point they'll be logged in!

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