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Fence Information

The Fence Information Screen
The Fence Information Screen - Click to Enlarge

The fence information screen allows you to configure geofences to control where employees can and cannot punch in and out from Online Time Clock MTS.

NameThe name of this geographic fence.
LocationThe location this fence applies to. The account administrator can create fences that apply to all account locations. Location administrators can only create fences for their current location.
ShapeThe shape of the geofence. Currently geofences can be squares or circles.

Working with Fences

Working with Fences
Working with Fences - Click to Enlarge

Moving the Fence

To move the center of a fence double click on the map outside of the area of the fence and the fence will be moved to that location. Alternatively the fence shape can be clicked and dragged to a new location.

Resizing the Fence

A fence can be easily resized by clicking and dragging the anchors around the edge of the fence shape.

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