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Time Punch Logging

What is Time Punch Logging

Time Punch Logging records when a time punch was created, edited or deleted. Along with each log entry it also records the that was being used, the IP Address of the computer or device being used, and the actual date and time the log entry was recorded.

Log entries are recorded for time punches created from the desktop time clock screen, the mobile time clock, or from the Edit Times screen.

Enabling Time Punch Logging

Time Punch Logging is NOT on by default. The enable it ensure that Enable Time Logging checkbox is ticked on the Display and Report Settings screen.

When are Events Logged?

Time punch events will start being logged the moment you enable Time Punch Logging. Note that events will only be logged for time punches created AFTER Time Punch Logging is enabled. Times created before that will not have any events logged against them.

Where Can I View the Time Punch Log?

The log of events for time punches can be viewed via the Punchcard Log Report. This report CAN ONLY be viewed by the your Online Time Clock MTS account administrator. Logins with local administrator or reports permissions cannot view the report.

The Punchcard Log Report Screenshot
Punchcard Log Report- Click to Enlarge

Why is this Useful?

The Time Punch Log can be very useful if you suspect timeclock information is being manipulated by a local time clock administrator.

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