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The Account Administrator Login

The account administrator login is probably the single most important aspect of your Online Time Clock MTS account. Each account has one account administrator login, and the login username it uses must be unique among all the logins in your account.

Logging in as the Account Administrator

Logging in as the account administrator is slightly different to logging in normally. The key difference is that the account administrator login is not associated with any particular account location, but rather can log into and manage the data from ANY account location. When you're logging in as the account administrator you just need to enter your account administrator username and password and then choose the location you want to log into.

Switching Locations

While you're logged into your account as the account administrator you can easily switch which location you are working with. To change location just click on the Change Location link at the top right of each Online Time Clock MTS screen. You'll then be shown a popup window with a dropdown box from which you can select the new location you want to switch to.

Managing Data Across All Account Locations

When you're logged into Online Time Clock MTS as the account administrator you can usually manage data across all locations. For example, if you're on the Manage Employees screen you can see employees from all locations. This is the same with the Manage Departments, Manage Logins, and Manage Locations screens. For some activities you'll need to switch locations (described above) to interact with other location data. This will be required for the Edit Times screen, for all reports, and if you want to use the Time Clock screen from your account administrator login.

Editing Account Options

Only the account administrator can edit and manage account options such as your account name and contact details. The account administrator login is also used to manage all of your subscription renewals, purchases, and upgrades. Account options are managed from the Account Options menu.

Editing Time Clock Options

Only the account administrator can edit and manage your account time clock options. Time clock options control how various financial and user interface aspects of your account will function. For example, it's via the time clock options page that you will configure your overtime and payroll settings or perhaps require your employees to enter a PIN when clocking in or out. Time clock options are managed from the Tools->Time Clock Options menu.

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