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Getting Started with Online Time Clock MTS

When you register and activate a new Online Time Clock MTS account the setup process required to allow you to start collecting time and attendance data can seem a little daunting. However, it really is a simple process to get up and running. This guide shows you all the steps you need to take to start recording your employee's attendance information.

1. Setup Your Locations

Locations in Online Time Clock MTS correspond to different geographical locations that your company might operate from, they could be in the same timezone or in different timezones anywhere in the world. You need to decide on how many different locations you need and then create each one using the Manage Locations screen. Note that there is an additional cost for each location you require after the first one so make sure you really need each location you want to track in Online Time Clock MTS.

2. Setup Your Logins

Logins allow you and your employees to access Online Time Clock MTS. Logins can be created and managed using the Manage Logins screen. A login has a security level, each security level allows access to different functions within your Online Time Clock MTS account and is used for different purposes.

The account administrator login (you can only have one per account) can manage and control all locations in your account.

A location administrator login can manage and control just one location.

The reports login can generate reports for a single location.

Finally, a time clock login allows employees from a single login to clock in and out.

How many logins you require is entirely up to you. If your Online Time Clock MTS account has just one location you may be able to use just three logins, the account administrator, a reports login, and a single time clock login that can be used by all employees. If you have a more complex multi location setup you would likely have a location administrator login, a reports login, and a time clock login for each location.

3. Setup Your Company Details and Payroll Rules

You can now go ahead and configure your Online Time Clock MTS account with your own company details and payroll and overtime rules. Your company details can be setup on the Account Settings screen. The various payroll and overtime settings plus a number of settings that control how Online Time Clock MTS behaves can be configured by the Tools->Time Clock Options page.

4. Create Your Online Time Clock MTS Employees

You can now go ahead and create your employees that will use Online Time Clock MTS to track their time and attendance information. You can either use your account administrator login to create employees for all your account locations or you can allow your location administrators to create employees for their own locations. Employees can be created and managed on the Manage Employees page.

5. Get Your Employees to Use Online Time Clock MTS

When you've completed all of the preceding steps you're ready to get your employees to use Online Time Clock MTS to clock in and out every day. Get them to do so individually using a timeclock login or perhaps setup a central computer logged with a timeclock login and have everyone clock in and out using the same computer.

6. Generate Your Reports

You can now use Online Time Clock MTS to generate your attendance and payroll reports. These reports can be produced on the Reports screen in a number of different formats for exporting to other systems.

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